Student FAQs

How old do I have to be to attend Mobile Technical Training?
Students have to be 17 or older to attend our courses.

What if I am still in high school?
Students who are still in high school may enroll if they are over 17. They need to provide us with a letter from the guidance counselor certifying their enrollment in high school.

What is your typical class size?
Class sizes are limited to 14 students max for the Mobile Electronic Installation & Fabrication Class, and 8 for the Custom Upholstery Class.

How do you monitor a student’s performance in class?
Instructors complete three progress reports for each student through out the program and discuss this individually with them. Students are evaluated at the end of each segment to asses their progress and what needs to be improved to enhance their performance.

How are students graded?
We are aware that not all students learn at the same pace or in the same manner. Some do better at the hands on practice and others do better with theory portion of the program. This is why all students are graded on knowledge and skills, quality of work, quantity of work, dependability, cooperation, judgment, initiative, punctuality and attendance and communication skills.

What if I feel I need extra help?
All students who are enrolled in our program may attend any other class (day, night, or Saturday) if they feel extra practice is needed. If you are taking a day class and wish to attend a Saturday or night class class as well to get extra help, you may do so with the approval of your instructor. (There is no extra fee for this)

Do you offer tutoring?
Tutoring free of charge can be available from Monday to Thursday 5:15pm to 6:00pm. All students are encouraged to attend to get individualized help. They must complete a tutoring request form with the front desk.

Can I take any refresher courses?
Graduates are allowed to come back at any time to take a refresher course on any of our 8 segments. This can be done during the day, night, or Sat Class and is free of charge. (Fabrication and Upholstery Segments will require a lab fee.)

Do students receive job placement assistance?
Job placement assistance is offered to all students with passing grades and have a current MECP Certification. Our job placement coordinator will make initial contacts and set up student interviews. We would also inform students of job openings that are available and have been found by the school. Any student who is in good standing with the school can receive life time job placement assistance.

What certifications can I obtain?
All students will be trained to take the MECP Exams as follows: Basic MECP, Advanced MECP, and Product Specialist. A passing score of 70 or better allows students to get their nation wide recognized certification. In addition, you will receive certification from the school for all courses that you complete.

Is there hands-on practice?
70% or more of our program is hands on practice and 30% is theory. Before students work on actual vehicles, they must cover essential theory knowledge to perform their hands on practice.

Can I work on my own car?
All installation and fabrication jobs are performed on actual vehicles. Students may use their cars for any installation or fabrication projects they wish at no additional costs. Students are even encouraged to work on jobs they may have and make extra cash. If the student does not have a car, then the school will provide one to be used.

Do you offer technical support to current and past students?
All students can receive technical support after graduation. You may call or e-mail the school with any of your installation problems. An instructor will be able to help you even if you are at work.

What type of student services do you offer?
We like to maintain a relationship with all students after graduation. We believe our job does not end once you graduate. This in fact, is the beginning of your career as an installer and we want to be there to help you along the way. We have many student services that will be available to you EVEN AFTER you graduate. Some of these services include:

*Study Area: School computers and books are available for you during office hours. You can look up wiring diagrams and vehicle schematics.

*Job Placement and Career Services: Contact the job placement coordinator and find out about job leads in your area or get an updated copy of your resume. You can do this at any time.

*Technical Support: Are you stuck on an installation problem at work or on a side job? Call the school and get help on the phone or make arrangements to bring the car to the school to get help.

* School Store: Do you have side jobs lined up and need to purchase alarms and remote starters, wire, relays, ring terminals? You can come in and purchase it at the school store. Products are available for you to buy at a reduced price and with a warranty.

*Refresher Courses: Do you wish to refresh your knowledge of alarms? Make arrangements to take a refresher course with another class free of charge. This is available to all students who are in good standing.

*MECP Certification: Update your MECP Certification or test for a higher level exam at our school.

*Customer Service and Sale Tips: Do you need advice on how to set up your side jobs or future business? Get help from us and you will have an idea how much to charge for certain jobs and where to purchase your products and materials. You can get information on how to set up your own tax ID number.

How do I reserve my seat?
You can register by mail, fax, or by phone. Simply fill out the registration forms that are included in your packet of information and forward them to us as soon as possible. Attach a check, money order, or credit card information for $90.00.

Do you offer financial aid?

Students taking the Full Time Program Mobile Electronic Installation & Fabrication Course are eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid. Students must complete a FAFSA Application to determine their eligibility. Students can complete their application on line. The school’s Federal Code is 042578images-1



What methods of tuition assistance do you offer?

In House Payment Plans
Pre-Payment Plans
Extended Payment Plans
School Financing Option
Montgomery GI Bill
Post 911 Bill
VOC Rehab
DVR Services
One Stop Workforce Grants
Additional Options Include: Personal Loans with your bank, Credit Unions, Partial School Scholarships (deadline must be met)